I Dream in Blue And Green

Current Exhibition:

"I Dream in Blue And Green"

September 13th - October 5th


Thursday, September 13th, from 5 – 8pm

Art by: Anne Vandycke

This exhibition, titled 'I Dream in Blue and Green' will showcase how different artists in different mediums work with color. We are accepting works that are composed in their majority of colors that fall between blue and green on the color spectrum. This includes all shades of blue and green- light, dark, deeply saturated, pastel, turquoises.

Participating Artists:

Kimberly Abbott, Peter Aguero, Ellen Alt, Irene Arholekas, Bonnie Astor, Jason Balmes, Summer Bhullar, Capucine Bourcart, Jason A. Cina, Ken Como, Colleen Cunningham, Joseph DeLeo, Cathy Diamond, Adrian DiMetriou, Laura Fiesel, Tina Glavan, Vincent Hawley, Ken Jones, Lacey Kim, Noelle King, Emily Klima, Brian Kwon, Tatyana Levina, Carla Lobmier, Ellen Mandelbaum, Demetrius Manouselis, Jenna Mayette, Brittany Miller, Nancy Miller, Bruce Minson, Kyoko Miyabe, Ivana Ng, Suzanne Pemberton, Alan Richards, Samantha Robinson, Ann Romero de Córdoba, Jacqueline Sferra Rada, Dasha Shkurpela, Anne Vandycke, Alison White

The Factory
30-30 47th Ave.
LIC, NY 11101
(main floor to the right of Security)

Gallery Hours:
Gallery Hours: 24/7, During Exhibitions

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For inquiries, please contact: assistant@licartsopen.org.