Sponsors 2018

“In 2011, the first year of the festival, the Court Square diner gave us the biggest donation… the reason that it was explained to me; when this area was bleak the artists were the best supporters of the diner.”

— Richard Mazda, LIC Arts Open Executive Director.

On behalf of the entire staff at the LIC Arts Open, we would like to gratefully acknowledge the support we've received in the past from the following local businesses. We would be unable to produce such a large-scale event without the generosity and year-round support from our community. Remember to BUY LOCAL! And encourage your friends and colleagues to patronize these organizations and businesses which have become the foundation of our neighborhood and continue to help elevate the visibility of the arts scene in LIC.

If you are interested in sponsoring the LIC ARTS OPEN 2019 Festival, then please contact executive director Richard Mazda directly:

(718) 581-6477 or email, richard@licartsopen.org.

Richard Mazda
Festival Director